Choosing the Perfect Prom Dress

You really need a wonderful dress for your party but you can’t decide upon the model of your prom dress. You feel tired of shopping and you even feel that you won’t be able to discover ever the perfect dress for you, the dress which can match your style perfectly. All you have to do is breath deeply and relax. Then forget about shops for at least five minutes and think about what you like and what highlights your personality. Of course, your dress must be unique, just like you. Firstly you have to find out what types of dresses you like and then you can take into account some suggestions. For example for an evening party you can choose relatively classical dresses, made of brocade, folded satin or silk, which are extremely precious for a special evening, which fit perfectly a small sized hand bag. A very trendy element is wide leather belt, with intricate patterns and which can be always found in a shop addict’s wardrobe. You can also choose a lot of grey shades and extremely feminine issues like satin dresses or natural silk ones or you can count on the incontestable leather dress if you are daring and you want to be in the centre of attention. If you prefer the romantic style, you can choose fluid lines, and heavy materials for a strong personality, and all these on a black background. It can offer you a quite indolent look, sometimes rebellious, other times more severe and even slightly studied in front of the mirror, but above all a feminine one. In order to add to your appearance a bohemian air, you can match to your fluid dress made of a vaporous material a scarf imprinted with graphic patterns. Another two materials which can be used successfully for this romantic style are lace and embroidery. You can choose a bright colored dress, embroidered manually, or a dress with lace applications. Any of these options will make you feel delicate, elegant and self confident because of these comfortable materials.

However, you can put on the most irresistible dress. The rule which must be followed is to use some fashion tricks in order not to be perceived like a non – stylish girl. And because a hand bag is compulsory on such occasions you can choose a small size model, with braids, embroidery or different accessories which are applied. You can wear retro, hand made models; therefore it will be very easy to choose one, irrespective of the situation. As you already know, you don’t have to wear shoes which match your hand bag. There is a multitude of shoe models, but the recent trend is the thick heeled shoes one. You can also wear retro shoes, with a slightly theatric aspect. As far as jewels are concerned the must have of this season is vintage necklaces, massive earrings, pendants worn on very long chains and ethno beads. It’s up to your imagination. But first of all you have to take into account your body needs, I mean you have to choose the perfect dress for you, and secondly, you should take into account tendencies and designers’ opinions.

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Choosing the Perfect Prom Dress Choosing the Perfect Prom Dress Choosing the Perfect Prom Dress
Choosing the Perfect Prom Dress Choosing the Perfect Prom Dress Choosing the Perfect Prom Dress

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