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Have you ever dreamt about being a gothic princess, living in a stone castle, in a dark forest, and spending your weekend meeting brave princes who invite you to dancing parties? And before a party you have to choose your gothic prom dress, which must be amazing, making you look like a supernatural creature, but an elegant and mysterious one, as gothic black color has always been associated with shades and whispers coming from other realms.

Contemporary prom dress designers have found a generous source of inspiration in the 19th century’s gothic dresses. They don’t design only black prom dresses, but they are fascinated as well by bright colors like red, purple or pink, all of them extremely attractive for an unforgettable evening.

However, gothic art does not belong only to the 19th century. Actually, then there has been sort of Gothic revival, as gothic style has its roots in medieval times, in the 12th century.

Thus, gothic prom dresses can be associated with laces, tight corsets and satin, which is a precious material of any period in history.

And if you are able to combine your gothic prom dress with mystic, dark jewels, like crosses or other medieval symbols, your image will be an unforgettable one.

Gothic prom dresses belong to two categories of feminine characters: an angelic and a demonic one. The first one is the type of the glamorous princess combining strong colors with white shimmering laces and romantic jewels, and the second one is the charming witch wearing a stunning black dress and black nail wear. Her eyes are underlined with smoky eye shadows and eye liners and their hair style is a teased one.

Actually nowadays, gothic cult started at the end of the 1970s from the punk movement. Based on a lugubrious sound and black clothes, its adepts protested against a rigid society and against short lasting and brightly colored trends. A lot of gothic adepts are interested in secret past cultures and are intensely preoccupied by death. Their affinity for darkness, mystery and occultism is reflected in their clothes, but sometimes accessories like pentagrams, Celtic crosses or spider like jewels must not be taken into account as symbols.

The essence of clothing submitted to social or cultural conventions is to invent a personal identity through clothes, so that the belonging to a specific subculture is obvious. Gothic prom dresses are different from any conventional dresses and try to avoid conformism. Gothic fashion can be recognized as we have just said, through dark, bright colors: black, bright red, even blue, in order to suggest force, individuality, sensuality. Gothic style is based on stylistic elements pushed to extremes, from fluid materials which wrap your body delicately, like silk or sweet, romantic satin, to items of clothing made of nylon with metallic accessories.

Fluid materials are sometimes used to complete a solid one, for example leather corset is associated with a subtle top made of silk for a strong contrast effect.

The simplicity of the stylistic elements belonging to gothic prom dresses allow you play with material, color and details, so that you can create a new image, especially for you!

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Gothic Prom Dress Gothic Prom Dress Gothic Prom Dress
Gothic Prom Dress Gothic Prom Dress Gothic Prom Dress

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