Vintage Prom Dresses

If a vintage prom dress is what you want, we can offer you source of inspiration from the most famous and most elegant actresses of the moment. Contemporary vintage prom dresses are inspired from the golden generation of the Hollywood cinematography. From chocolate like dresses to aquamarine, you can notice a general tendency to reinvent and combine classical styles, in order to impress through a glamorous look.

You can look like an ice fairy wearing an asymmetric vintage dress, with floral imprints, inspired from the 1930s. You can wear the jewels which match your personality and a corresponding hairdo, applying on your eyelids a makeup having the same shade as the dress.

A vintage dress can have blue color, associated with charming gothic jewels, or red, combined with diamonds which can always attract everybody’s attention.
A vaporous vintage prom dress can be associated with little makeup and a few jewels. Vintage prom dresses are always successfully combined with precious stones, delicate handbags and elegant hairstyles.

Now imagine you are a beautiful princess, long, blond haired, coming from a flower garden and wearing a stunning prom dress having the color of the most delicious chocolate you have ever tested.

If you add some flounces to your vintage dress, you will feel like a spring fairy playing with butterflies in a sunny valley of the dreams.

Orange as well is a color which can be used for vintage prom dresses if you can match it to your hairstyle and your makeup.

Imagine now a silver shine vintage dress, associated with the most wonderful smile in the world. You can smile because you can dream of a long travel in fantastic silver worlds only throwing a glance to your unique silver vintage prom dress, before going to your party.

We have to add here that if your eyes are blue, a chocolate like vintage prom dress can be the best choice because it can underline your wonderful eyes.

Vintage is a style for fashion nostalgic women. You can find in it dresses belonging to belle époque period, from the crazy or stormy rock 'n roll years. Old vintage prom dresses which have been kept in wardrobes have resisted to time passing and they are very modern now.

For example vintage prom dresses made of velvet are always attractive and fabulous. You can imagine you are a romantic princess looking out of the window at her lucky star and trying to reach it because it can match very well your velvet dress.

Wearing a vintage prom dress you don’t have to be afraid that you will see it on your colleagues too, because they are quite rare. If you want a black prom dress, you can add to it a little white lace and you will look amazing. Don’t forget about flower power, even if it came a little later after vintage fashion. Silk is also a great natural material which made your grandma feel like a delicate, Chinese princess, but it can help you too feel trendy and admired by everybody.

Vintage Prom Dresses Pictures

Vintage Prom Dresses Vintage Prom Dresses Vintage Prom Dresses
Vintage Prom Dresses Vintage Prom Dresses Vintage Prom Dresses

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