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Before American teenagers graduate from high school, and go on their way to becoming adult by going to college, work, vocational schools or whatever else is decided upon, they go through a nationwide ritual known as the prom. This is the graduation dance / party that is thrown for the graduating class. It is a very important night to almost all high school students and it is also a big sales time in the stores because a lot of money is traditionally spent on clothes, shoes and accessories for this prom night. In fact it is even an advertised sale even in stores throughout the United States between the end of May and end of June, only varying with when the regional schools end for the summer break.

The dress is without doubt the most important part of the prom night look for a girl, however, the shoes are also of great importance. The wrong prom dress shoes can destroy the whole look of a dress and make the girl appear as if she had no taste. This is why that once a dress has been chosen and purchased that the next step is to go about finding the perfect suiting shoes that will complete the desired overall appearance.

Purchasing the right prom shoes to go along with your dress does not have to be a strenuous experience nor does it have to be overly expensive, that is, unless you have the money and expense plays no role. There are a great number of shoe stores and other retailers that also sell shoes. More than likely though, the right shoes will most likely be found in a store specializing in shoes.

Once you have decided on where to look for your prom dress shoes, you will be confronted with several varieties, such as flat shoes or high heels, or even shoes that are somewhere in between. Standard heel sizes include the 2, 3 or 5 inch high heels. Not only that, but there are almost endless color variations available, however, the most common colors are the basics such as white, black, silver, red or pink. There are also different forms of shoes, such as open toe shoes or shoes with straps, or even shoes that have an open heel. Also many shoes come with decorative items such as bows, clips, hearts or can even have studs integrated that provide designs or just add a look of elegance. One should base the end decision primarily on how well the shoes suit the dress you will be wearing, however you should also take into consideration whether or not you will be dancing a lot or not. If you do like dancing, then the very high heeled shoes are not the best choice for you and it is worth looking into flat or almost flat shoes which are considerably more comfortable.  The price is of course also a major factor since you have to concentrate on shoes in your price class, which will automatically leave out many of the more expensive designer shoes. The average prom dress shoes cost between $50 and $80.

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Prom Dress Shoes Prom Dress Shoes Prom Dress Shoes
Prom Dress Shoes Prom Dress Shoes Prom Dress Shoes

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