Tips for a Charlize Theron Hairstyle

Charlize Theron has amazing scene stealing beauty and her hairstyle is almost as popular and well known. Consider the following three steps to copy Charlize Theron’s short and layered hairstyle.

Before you being styling your hair there is one step you must take. When washing your hair you should use a body building shampoo. Once you lightly towel dry your hair you should apply a leave in conditioner. Before combing through your hair you should use a light volumizing mist and spray all over the hair.

It you want a Charlize Theron hairstyle with curly hair then the second step is for you. Use a diffuser on your blow dryer while drying your hair. If you hair is naturally curly just simply hold the dryer over the hair in sections until it is completely dry. Don’t move your hair at all including brushing or running your fingers through it while you are blow drying. You should blow dry starting with the top sections of hair and twist a small section of hair around your fingers as if twirling your hair if you have straight hair and want a Charlize Theron hairstyle. While wrapped around your finger hold the dryer directly above the hair until the hair is completely dry. Continue this process until the whole head is finished.

Use your hand to emulsify a little bit of styling cream for the final step. Work through the section to gently separate the curls around the face. Use your fingers to push the front middle section of hair off your forehead. If you brush you hair will become frizzy so you should avoid this. You should have a tousled and very ‘unset’ look once you complete the process to complete Charlize Therson hairstyle.

Types of Hair Care Products

There are a few hair care products you should have on hand if you want this type of hairstyle. A good volume shampoo is the first product. The Laurent D. Extreme Volume Shampoo is the best option for this since it contains special botanicals from Japan and plant proteins from France to help add both body and volume to your hair. Typically it is seventeen dollars for an eight ounce bottle of this product.

Laurent D. Leave-In Treatment is a good option for leave in treatment. This products helps act as a hydrating condition while working as a good styling product to control the frizz and soften the curls without eight down your hair through a quality blend of carrots, aloe vera, sea kelp, vitamins and honey. This product typically costs about fifteen dollars for an eight ounce bottle.

Consider trying Laurent D. Root Boosteur for extra volume and texture. You can use a fine spray of this product after towel drying your hair to help add volume and texture while lifting your hair from the roots. This product typically costs fifteen dollars for a four ounce bottle.

A good product option to finish a Charlize Theron hairstyle is Crème Satineur. While adding flexibility and shine to your hair this product will also help to separate your curls. This product typically costs about fourteen dollars for a four ounce bottle.

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