Tips for a Paris Hilton Hairstyle

Every day you seem to see Paris Hilton on the television. She is known both for being on the news for one scandal or another as well as constantly wearing a new hairstyle. Even though her style may change the one thing that remains constant is her blonde color.

Bleached Blonde Style

On television you typically see Paris Hilton with long blond hair. If you seen Paris Hilton in a darker color it would be a completely new style for her. In multiple interviews Paris Hilton has stated that she prefers blonde and doesn’t want to change. Part of her fashion statement has now become the long blonde hair because she has had it for so long.

Tips to Creating a Paris Hilton Hairstyle

Whether you are looking for a straight or slightly wavy Paris Hilton hairstyle you need to start by washing and blow drying your hair in straight strands or making them straight with the help of a styling aide. Until you can find a style that matches your face shape and appearance you can easily make changes and adjustments.

It is a good idea to detangle your hair before you get into the shower by working your way from the ends up to the roots. It is a good idea to sue a boar’s head brush to smooth your strands. You should use a shampoo mix that works for your specific hair type, texture and length to smooth your strands which will help increase your potential. You should mix your shampoo with lukewarm water in a clean plastic bottle and then shake it well to mix before you use it in your hair.

Wet your hair with lukewarm water when you get into the shower and not hot water. Take your shampoo mix and drizzle it on the top of your head and let it drip down your hair. Use your hands to pat the shampoo mixture into your hair and do not rub. This will help keep your hair straight and will prevent additional breakage to your hair. Finally rinse your hair until there is no shampoo left.

Apply a rinse out condition that is specifically designed for your hair type, length and condition. Work from the top of the ears down to the ends when distributing using your fingers and a wide tooth pick. For about ten minutes keep the conditioner on the strands. To help your cuticles close and add shine to your hair end you shower with a cool to cold rinse. Blot your hair to remove excess moisture, but do not rub or ruffle your hair since it is susceptible to breakage when wet.

To keep your hair soft and detangled apply a leave in detangling or conditioner after you use a smooth high quality comb or wide pick to brush your hair. You should also add heat protection spray on top of the leave in product. While working in a circular pattern separate the hair into six and eight equal sections and then clip in place. Use a flat, boar bristle brush to brush each section individually with a blow dryer that is directed from the roots down towards the end.

You should apply an anti-frizz product to the middle and bottom ends of your hair to add more straightness after you have completely dried all the sections. If you get the frizz product near the scalp or root area of your hair oiliness will result. Use a flat iron to remove any kinks and add a straight finish.

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