Tips for a Christine Moore Hairstyle

Typically Christine Moore can be seen wearing her hair in a short angled layer fashion that has the sides cut throughout in order to give form and a full, round shape. This is a good hairstyle to have for those with medium to thick hair. This type of a short inverted bob is also good since it can be easily modified to fit any face shape so a lot of people can wear this style. You can make adjustments to the fringe or bang area to add length or layers in order to play up or minimize certain features.

This hairstyle typically has a nice base of ashy-blonde color and then randomly placed ribbons of light caramel lowlights help contrast it. The inverted bob is cut to allow the tapering to be shorter at the nape of the neck and then grow longer towards the face. For a lush fullness and movement with excellent placement of the hair this tapered style is perfect. A unique definition is also gained from the carefully cut sides. An uneven side part that sweeps across the forehead can be done to help soften any sharp lines.

How To Get This Style

Preparing your hair is the first step. To do this you should shampoo your hair with a product that is specifically designed and formulated for your current hair type, textures and condition. Apply a leave-in conditioner, mousse or styling cream while the hair is still damp, but not to the point that water is dripping and always towel blot your hair dry. You should apply a product to help with frizzing if you have trouble with this.

You should wrap the strands of your hair around a brush to help create fullness and movement if you prefer to use a blow dryer. You should add a wax sheer shine to the ends to help define the edges and enhance the shine of your hair after it is completely dry. To keep your hair in place you should finish with a light spray of hairspray or soft hold, but don’t use a heavy spray since this can prevent the natural movement of your hair.

Using a light spray-on gel and then creating gentle finger waves throughout the hair is on way you can make the style your own. Once your entire head is waved you can break up the waves with your fingers and finish with a light to medium hold spray to keep the hair in place all day.

You should trim every four to five weeks to maintain this style. You will have to apply highlights to maintain any color as root growth occurs. Consider using a color enhancing or protective shampoo along with a matching color conditioner to maximize the life of your current color.

The ways in which you can wear this style are endless. You can choose to wear it sleek and straight or you can go with the finger waves for a more fun appearance. You can use a crimping iron on random section to create unusual texture. Only your imagination can limit your number of choices and you can easily add your individual touch to this style.

In the twenties the bob hairstyle first become popular and it continues to be very popular today, its various forms can be seen throughout the world. However, the simple and blunt appearance of the style when it first  came out doesn’t exist anymore. Today there are a variety of textures for this short inverted bob that can be anything from uneven lengths to choppy edge, whatever an person individual style is.

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