Fitness Secrets of the Superstars


With a deep appreciation of being raised in America, Angela has great pride in her family and of being a first generation American (her father is from Greece and her mother is from Poland). She says, "Throughout my life I was taught to focus on helping others and to keep myself healthy and fit. I believe these things helped me not succumb to peer pressure, smoking, drugs or other bad habits.

" Angela's motto for teens, " if you believe - you can achieve!"

Jennifer Lopez

The pop princess turned movie starlet has every reason to stay in shape these days, what with a hot movie career and her upcoming wedding to Ben Affleck. Being so busy, how does she possibly find time to exercise? We caught up with Jennifer at a video shoot in L.A. recently

"I'm so in love with Ben right now, it's pretty easy to stay motivated not to overeat," Jenny told us while eyeing a handsome electrician on the set. "I love to cook, which is nice because I can control the quality of what I put in my mouth." She winked at an assistant director and licked her lips. "It's important to me that food is tasty while being as low-fat as possible," she said, pausing a moment to rub herself up and down against a makeup artist re-powdering her for the next scene.

The Secrets of John' Sex Appeal

Where're the muscles?

Don't flex your muscles the wrong way. Get the best out of your weights to get those perfect abs and sculpted looks

Walk on

The benefits that you derive from walking are dependant on many factors.

Why Stretching is Vital

This length is controlled by the muscle's own suppleness, as well the sheaths of tissue that surround the muscles and keep them in place. The muscle's active stretching length can be improved by doing stretching exercises, which in turn will benefit your performance on the field. So not only is stretching a good way of warming up before any physical activity, it's also a great way to improve your overall suppleness and flexibility. Stretching is also important when you're coming back from a muscle injury.

You treat a disease, you win, you lose. You treat a person, I'll guarantee you'll win.

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