Tips for a Katie Holmes Hairstyle

Most are aware of the Katie Holmes hairstyle that is long, beautiful curls which she typically wears. This hairstyle is very popular today, but getting and maintaining a hairstyle that has beautiful spiral curls can be difficult. You can go about getting a Katie Holmes hairstyle in two ways. You can either go to your hairdresser and have them do a professional hairstyle or you can use the following tips to do it yourself at home.

The Necessary Tools for a Katie Holmes Hairstyle

You need to know that spiral curls do not work for every hair type before you start attempting a Katie Holmes hairstyle. Who can have a spiral curl has limitations. Although you don’t have to rule out this hairstyle since most hair types, textures and lengths will work for this hairstyle. If you have a super short cut, extra fine or thin hair, hair that is very soft or hair that is extra straight then a spiral curl hairstyle like Katie Holmes wears won’t work for you.

There are several products that you will need when you know you want a spiral curl hairstyle and that it will work for your hair. Although even with the proper products tools, remember that you may require the help of a hair care professional and that you need lots of practice before you can get the perfect spiral curl hairstyle.

To getting a good spiral curl hairstyle there are seven items that will help. You will generally need some combination of the products depending on the type of spiral curl hairstyle you are attempting to get but you may not need all the products. The following is a list of some products you may need:

  • Curling iron.
  • Various sizes of hot rollers.
  • Traditional wet sets of soft hair rollers.
  • Spiral pattern rag roller set.
  • Spirals reformed by pin curls.
  • Various sizes of Velcro rollers.
  • Non-traditional rollers such as straws, pipe cleaners, forks, tin foil or other items.

Getting a Spiral Curl Hairstyle

You should consider what type of hair you have when it comes to selecting which of the above tools you will need. You can generally get a good spiral curl hairstyle with any produce you decide to use if you have hair with a natural curl and wave. You may need a combination of several of the above product in addition to many styling products if you have trouble getting your hair to curl or add texture in order to help maintain the proper curl pattern. To determine if your hair can be styled into a spiral curl you should check with a professional stylist before attempting to do so.

Products to Help Enhance Your New Hairstyle

After you have left your hair unwashed for a day or two you should start your spiral curls. The curls will hold longer and tighter this way. This is because there is more natural oils which will help maintain the spiral curls. You can style your hair even after washing but you will need additional styling products to help your hair maintain the spiral curls.

Curling Irons or Hot Rollers?

The main options are curling irons or hot rollers when it comes to choosing the tool for your spiral curls. It may be difficult to use a curling iron when doing the style at home and get good results. Although a curling iron is preferred by professional hairstylists since they have a higher heat level which helps give more control over the curling process.

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