Tips for a Lindsay Lohan Hairstyle

Lindsay Lohan was known for brining red hair back into style, but she has also had many other hair colors. It can often be difficult to keep up with what her current hairstyle is since she changes her hair color so many times. Blonde, brunette and redhead are just a few of the colors of Lindsay Lohan’s hairstyle. Although she has hairstylists to make sure her hair remains in great condition during the changes in hair color. So while your changing color how can you manage great hair? The following tips will tell you how.

Changing from Brunette to Blonde

If you are going to lighten your hair any more than three shades you are going to need bleach. The natural pigment from your hair is removed by the hydrogen peroxide in bleach. Bleach is both permanent and damaging to your hair. You will need to maintain the color by touching up the roots every six to eight weeks. You should only apply the bleach to your roots when maintaining your color otherwise you will damage and dry out your already lightened hair. You should do a deep condition at least once a week to reduce the amount of damage to the ends of your hair.

Changing from Blonde to Brunette

When you are going from blond to brunette you should consider a reddish brown color. Light browns cause the hair to become gray in tone and flat while red acts as a filler. The red color will also add depth to your hair. When going to a dark color always remember to maintain your re-growth, because if you don’t the light blonde roots will give the top of the hair a thin appearance. You should touch up your roots every four to six weeks. You should consider a color enhancing shampoo and condition to prevent your hair from fading over time.

Changing from Brunette to Redhead

If you remove the naturally dark pigment hair goes through several color changes. You will need a lower strength bleach to help you with this and to help bleach your hair from a naturally dark brown hair to a red. To brighten your red tones you can also use a red hair rinse or hair dye. If you are looking for a very vibrant red color you will have to bleach your hair and then use red hair dye. Once you achieve your desired look you should be sure to use products specially designed for dyed hair since the red color tends to fade quickly.

Changing from Redhead to Blonde

Bleach is a must for this transition. It is impossible to lighten red hair without using bleach to lighten it. To remove the red a toner is needed if you are looking for an ashy blonde appearance.

Changing from Blonde to Redhead

At this phase the easiest transition is to go to a bright, vibrant red. When changed, lightened hair will always go to the more vibrant range of colors. However, you will need to touch up the color regularly if you want to keep the vibrant color since it will fade quickly. Hair will typically look slightly pinkish in color when red on blonde hair starts to fade if you don’t keep the color up. Form those that change from blonde to coppery reds and do not keep up their color an orange color will result.

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