Organic Skin Care Vs Chemical Skin Care

There are various skin care products flooding the markets all over the world today. Such skin care products have basically two categories known as organic skin care and chemical based skin care products. Both have different structures but are meant for the similar purposes. It is essential know something about both of these products before initiating or opting for its use.

The products of organic skin care are especially those products that help in treating the aging skin problems caused by the progressing age in the human beings that include cracked skin, dry skin, blemishes, as well as wrinkles occurring on the skin. These products are also believed to be effective in treating breakouts, acne, sun damage, sun burn and psoriasis on the skin. When concerned with any organic skin care products, one could easily try the soft nourishing cream applied after shaving which helps getting rid of from the itching tendency and blemishes resulting after shaving the beard. Such organic creams have the organic vegetable oils, certain organic herbal extracts along with the clean water as its active ingredients.

The organic herbal extracts comprise of pomegranate seed oil, white or green tea, Rose Hips oils, South African Rooibos, calendula, soy oil and many more such extracts. The skin organic products are also said to have several anti-oxidants and anti-aging vitamins that provide its user the younger looking of skin besides unblemished skin. The products having the minimal quantum of synthetic ingredients provide optimal advantages to the skin in the longer run. Even organic shaving gels, shaving soaps and moisturizers are of great help for making the skin gleaming and healthy. One of the best things about such organic products are totally natural having absolutely no additives, chemical based or any synthetic aromatics added to them. The organic shaving appeases quite well by providing with smell of lime oil and clay sage that prevents the skin from getting dried.

Chemical based skin care products on the other hand are also known as the chemical shaving products. The chemical based hair removing creams also called the depilatory creams which are openly available in the market are mostly made by using chemicals meant for eliminating unwanted hair from the different body parts like legs, underarms or beard etc. Such creams widely contain alkaline chemicals that are meant for dissolving protein structure present in the hair. This process helps separating hair from the skin and could be easily removed. The frequent or regular use of such chemicals could end up in several skin complications particularly in the people with sensitive or irritating skin conditions. Amongst the most common side effects of such chemicals include skin irritations and acne. Only those people who have healthy skin texture which could resist such chemical implications are of course benefited with these products.

Also it is said that the chemical based products provides closer and smoother shave removing the unwanted hair for an extended period of time. When such products are applied on the beard just once, it is effective for the rest of the entire week. Chemical products are ruthless to apply and thus be not easily suggested since they can develop serious skin complications.

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