Shaving Oils versus Shaving Foams

The use of different oils for skin care has its beginnings in biblical times. Almond, castor and olive oils used to be the favourite ones for skin care. Aloe and jojoba oils have always had beneficial effects as well.  Shaving oils, apart from natural ingredients contain well known pharmaceutical components like paraffin oil or vitamins...). Shaving oils are soft and they can refresh your skin every day and care it through its vitamins and ether  ingredients contained by lemons, oranges, grapefruit or bergamot…They have to be applied on wet skin and they mustn’t be used before or during sunbathing.

Shaving oils are recommended if your skin is more sensitive and delicate, especially when you are very young and you have just started to shave. Shaving oils might also contain lavender and vitamins A, D and E. You can be sure that your skin will become elastic, smooth, fresh and protected during the day and the night as well. As we have just said it must be applied on wet skin, in small quantities, massaging gently. Protection effects will be stronger if shaving oils are used after each contact of the skin with water. These oils are ideal for men facial care when they can’t apply standard hygiene because of skin diseases or infections.

Moreover, rose shaving oils can nourish intensely your skin and it is suitable for any type of complexion, especially for dry and sensitive skin. It is not allergenic; therefore it does not cause irritations, eczemas or skin flushing. Besides, rose shaving oil contributes to veins strengthening. So, shaving oils can be used after shave, whereas shaving foams are used while shaving. It is spread over the area you have to shave and its purpose is to alleviate the painful effects of a shaver, and it also makes the skin supple and hydrates it.

Nowadays there are large ranges of shaving foams which can help you shave very quickly, without any risk of cut, or heat sensation. There are shaving foams, generous and dense, being able to get your hairs erect and supple, assuring an easy slide and guidance of the blade. Shaving foams ingredients are usually vegetal, for example palm and coconut oil combined with aloe which has deeply hydrating effects. As shaving is a quite unpleasant activity for men, you have to use the best shaving foams in order to make it more agreeable. If your skin is more sensitive you should read the list of ingredients used to manufacture shaving foam and to see if it contains beneficial ones for your skin, like chamomile, lavender, lemon or grapefruit and you should purchase those shaving foams whose alcohol content is low. Mint is a refreshing ingredient for shaving foams as well and it can have incredible effects upon girls or women. Imagine that you will leave behind you the heavenly fragrances of a flower garden. To continue with antibacterial shaving foams assures a healthy skin apart from its seducing effect.

To conclude, both shaving oils and foams are essential for any man if he is able to adapt them to his skin necessities.

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