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If you think that only women have to care and protect their skin is a preconceived idea which looks like sexual discrimination. Women must be beautiful and attractive for themselves and for their partners too, and men should do the same thing. Therefore a sexy, handsome man means delicate skin, a hair cut which fits his face shape and his hair type, and he uses a subtle fragrance deodorizing product. Now at the beginning of the third millennium when great cosmetics companies launch a large variety of skin care products for men, and they deserve to be congratulated on this idea, a lot of men remained faithful to their old shaver and when they go shopping purchase the first shower gel they come across, without even bothering to read the label. If this situation sounds familiar to you, we are here to offer you a helping hand and we are sure your interest in skin care will change.

We can recommend you Remington shavers which can be used by men and women as well. Of course they are electric and operate through batteries. You will be fascinated by Remington shavers design and their durability. Moreover they can be used very easily. One of Remington shaver version is equipped with blades which are plated with titanium, that is why shaving is not difficult at all and your skin will be silky and delicate. The device is equipped with buttons which can control frequency. Batteries can be recharged and it has the advantage of having three heads able to reach face areas where habitual shavers cannot get. It is not difficult to keep it clean and it is equipped as well with a pop up trimmer. It is more durable than other shavers thanks to the lubrication system which protects the blades. You can use it for 60 minutes before recharging batteries. Charging lasts 1 hour.

Another model is equipped too with an indicator for the battery level, a charging system and different other useful tools, like cleaning instruments.

Remington shavers whose blades are ceramic plated are more efficient and more durable than blades made of steel because they are sharper. That is why blades don’t need lubrication in order to last longer. This model is very small and it can be transported easily. On the other hand Remington stainless steel blades assure smooth shaving, gripping easily, without slipping.

And because daily shaving destroys the lipids layer which protects the skin, you have to use the right after shave lotion, of course after you have purchased the best Remington shaver. You should avoid lotions based on alcohol because they get your skin dry.

You can choose hydrating products which have calming effect upon irritated skin and they close the pores as well. And if you hate shaving and you don’t like to do it on a daily basis you have to know that there are products which can slow facial hair growing. Remington shavers are available almost everywhere and according to their operational aspects there is a large range of prices affordable for any budget.

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