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If for women morning makeup is a pleasant ritual apart from drinking their coffee, in the case of men coffee drinking comes before or after a less pleasant ritual: shaving.

Considered by lots of men a real chore, shaving is absolutely necessary for any man who respects himself and does not want to look awful, like a homeless.

You don’t judge a book by its cover but you can judge a man by the frequency of his shaving. Most women are not attracted by men who have not used a shaver for three days foe example. No man would have the courage to go to work or in a conference room or to business negotiation or to a party without being shaved.

And beard grows, that’s inevitable.

Laziness or the boring shaving habit, repeated every morning, not to look better like women who apply makeup, but to simply look human are not the only shaving related problems. Some men have inflammatory problems which make shaving more difficult. Irritable skin, acne, small swollen pimples at the base of hairs, is a real problem. In this case you are recommended a Philips shaver. The smartest Philips shavers are equipped with memory stick and a multi functional display which lets you know when the head needs to be cleaned or replaced. It can operate with 110 – 240 V batteries. This shaver can be completely recharged in about 1 hour and it provides 90 minutes of shaving. But if you forgot to charge it the night before and you need to shave in about five minutes, the good news is that Philips shavers really can be charged in about 3 minutes for such urgent situations. The design of its case is an elegant combination of black and silver and its material is very resistant. It is guaranteed for 2 years. Apart form the shaver, the case contains battery, charger and a brush used for cleaning.

Another model of Philips shaver can be used not only for beard, but for other areas of your body as well, like underarms, legs, chest, back or shoulders. A foil which is hypoallergenic protects against skin irritations, making shaving a pleasure.

Furthermore a fast Philips shaver can take care of more sensitive areas. It is equipped with a system of two blades, having the skill to set hairs erect before cutting them. Another advantage of this Philips shaver is that batteries can be replaced easily.

If you combine Philips shavers with an antibacterial shaving foam and antiseptic after shave lotions, you won’t have any reason to complain about shaving. The most efficient after shave creams can be based on honey, wax, cocoa butter, olives or vitamins A, D, E.

It is easy to choose a Philips shaver, but it is more difficult to choose the best shaving foam for your beard type. It can be rough, silky or rare. Therefore you have to use a shaving gel, or antibacterial cream or any type of foam, according to these three beard types.

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