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Have you heard that the sexiest men you have ever seen use Rooney shaving products for an impeccable, premium look? Since they started to use these products they can feel on their skin the high performances of Rooney products, which always provide them a perfect shaving, a more delicate and smoother skin and they are pleasantly surprised at the devastating effect they have upon women. This happens because Rooney shaving products can totally highlight any man’s seduction power!

Rooney shaving products are not new at all. The shaving brushes business was started by R. A Rooney before 1886 and it is a nostalgic occasion nowadays to look back in time and to imagine the most handsome men of each historic period and to wonder what shaving products they used. Rooney shaving brushes have been hand made and they have been as well produced using modern methods.

During those times money had another value and men and women as well weren’t used to changing their assets as often as they do nowadays. Therefore, because a man had been using a shaving brush for many years, this personal object started to get something from that man’s personality. A lot of childhood memories in grand parents’ house can be associated with grandpa in front of the mirror, shaving, and maybe using a Rooney shaving brush and then kissing the grand children’s both cheeks because he was fresh and smelled good.

Statistics say that Rooney shaving products have had a lot of customers since the company was founded.

Now you have to know why these products are so special. Imagine you have a magic carpet which will take you to China, in a remote wild area. There can be found the habitat of a rare species of badger whose hair was efficiently used for Rooney shaving brushes. Therefore because of this rare raw material Rooney products are more expensive. The good news for animal lovers is that nowadays there are performed laboratory tests in order to replace successfully badger hair with its artificial equivalent. Because for top quality products made of silvery badger hair the methods used were quite inhumane, as the badger’s hair was pulled out from the animal’s back, causing it terrible pain. But of course the products obtained triggered softer feelings to men, but the methods used are obviously unacceptable. However as we have just said, researchers are happy to announce you that they have discovered the formula for the badger’s hair equivalent for the softest shaving brushes.

Rooney products are recommended because men perceive their body differently than women and most of them don’t pay much attention to their facial skin, even if during puberty they can have more problems and more serious ones with acne which can leave scars on their face and in their heart too. That is why little boys should receive from their mothers a cosmetic education, just like girls in order to face their skin problems when they become older. And in this educational programme, Rooney products are still joining you, with new and ecological methods.

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