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Irrespective of your age, you have to know that the health and the youth of your skin can depend on the shaving products you use. Shaving oils have been used for hundreds of years. In the past they were made exclusively of plants and animals’ fat and they used to be real medicine for a man’s skin. But nowadays when beauty has become a top industry, cosmetics are also based on mineral oils. They are extracted from petroleum, and they are quite cheap and don’t turn rancid, consequently assuring higher profits. As mineral oils can’t mix with fats contained by skin, but they remain a little above it, like a layer, a lot of men use them to clean their face after shaving. Shaving oils made of plants are the most efficient because they mix very well with fats in your skin, dissolving all the impurities very quickly. After using shaving oils you have to wash your face with soap and water. If you have the possibility you can choose olive, sunflower or maize oils. And if you want to remove totally fat rests, you can finally wipe your face using cotton soaked in mineral water. These types of shaving oils prevent skin dehydration.

Lemon is as well a natural ingredient frequently used as shaving oils ingredient.

Furthermore, because of its special components, avocado is used in cosmetics as active agents shaving oil. It protects skin against getting dry and it has emollient effects upon the inelastic and rough skin areas. Avocado oil penetrates your skin better than any plant oil. It is famous for its antibacterial, anti wrinkle and cicatrizing properties. This oil is an excellent basis for treating acne, dermatitis as it accelerated the skin regeneration process.

Avocado shaving oil does not create problems concerning sensibility, photo toxicity, or free radicals groups’ creation. The multiple advantages of avocado oil, emollient, penetrating, stable, hydrating and softening make it a favourite ingredient in different cosmetic products.

To continue with, anti wrinkle shaving oils represent a combination of plant oils like olives, castor and almond and ether oils extracted from medicinal plants. It contains a high per cent of vitamins. It is ideal for the eye area skin care, the neck one and it is applied on the wet skin, massaging gently. This type of oils should be used by those men who have sort of predisposition for wrinkles.

Shaving oils have beneficial effects upon the skin, preventing allergies and irritations; they can delay aging process and get the skin lively and fresh. Besides, through their divine fragrance they can re-establish the balance between your mind and body. You will feel self confident all day long and all your projects will be successful both at work, because your mind is refreshed and you can think deeply and make the toughest decisions and in your personal life, as the woman you love will find you irresistible and you can make her feel like an Arabian princess in a mysterious and exotic flower garden.

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