Santa Maria Before and After Shaving Cream

When we hear the words Santa Maria we can think of a heavenly touch, of a gentle caress from a divine being. Well, this time we really can think of it, as long as Santa Maria is the name of a very old drug store in the world. It sells a large variety of products for skin care and perfumes which can be purchased by any people irrespective of their nationality. Santa Maria products come, all of them like a blessing. You can purchase makeup removal lotion or delicate soap for your face. Furthermore, if you want to feel the fragrance of tropical gardens in your own bathroom, you can purchase water based on orange blossom or rose water. Just think of those perfumes and imagine you are covered with orange flowers and rose petals in a never-ending dream. Skin tonic products from Santa Maria can make you feel fresh like a spring morning.

Apart from these wonderful products listed, Santa Maria offers as well a multitude of shaving products. You can purchase emulsions which do not contain alcohol and therefore they don’t get your skin dry. In addition, you can get lotions after shave or shaving foams, creams, as well as a great product with double capability. Thus it can be used before shaving in order to get your skin wet and it can be as well used after shave, like a gentle balm. This product invites you in a pomegranate orchard dreaming of an everlasting holiday in paradise.

To continue with we would like to let you know what natural ingredients are used for this unique before and after shave formula. It contains natural borage and anti oxidants, calendula blossoms and vitamin E and oil extracted from sweet almond. Some men find it the most difficult are to shave the whiskers one. Well, this product gets the whiskers area too ready for an easy shaving. The outcome of shaving after having used this cream is velvet like, kissable skin, with no irritation at all.

Apart from the ingredients we have already mentioned this cream contains as well lanolin and refreshing menthol, associated with soothing camphor. Moreover, the most beautifully colored and perfumed flowers and herbs in the world are especially grown for Santa Maria products, without any pesticides or chemical products. You can find this amazing product available in 100 ml tubes. These products can be kept in dry and cool places. The best thing is to purchase a cosmetic organizer case, where you can find the right place for your Santa Maria products. You don’t have to let the tube in areas where children can play with it, and after using it, be careful to always recap it.

Santa Maria products are precious for any man or woman who purchases them and apart from their soothing qualities for your skin they have that unique perfume which can take you far away, dreaming of wonderful moments of your life. It is incredible how a high quality cosmetic product can influence your daily activity. Actually happiness can come from such insignificant things that even we can hardly believe it.

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