Techniques of Shaving

The most unpleasant for men is shaving, with all its consequences. Very often, especially in what concerns the teenagers, there are produced inflammations of peripherals follicles or seborrhea dermatitis.

Do not apply immediately pomades or medicament ointments.

The plants can resolve quicker this inconvenient. An infusion of chamomile, dead-nettle, blood wart, lavender, wild thyme, heart’s ease spotted, lemon and grapefruit skin. One spoon per one coup of boiled water .For a longer preservation you have to add some white alcohol (one spoon per one half of liter of liquids).

Menthol or creeping ring up tincture

You put menthol leaves or fresh flowers of creeping ring up in a bottle and let them to steep till they reach a capacity of ¾.Then you fill up the bottle with alcohol. You keep the bottle in a sunny place for 7 days and you shake it every day. You leach it and you keep it in bottles well closed. It must be used in a concentration of 20 %( 20 grams of tincture, 80 grams of distilled water.

It can be used after shaving.

How to perform a right shave?

  • You wash your face with water and neutral soap.
    • For a perfect shave, do warm wraps before you shave
    • You apply a small towel, soaked with warm water, on your face and neck .You waits till it gets cold.
    • You apply shaving foam or cream, that contains fat substances protect and make your skin softer.
    • After you shave you apply sanitary alcohol, than specific lotions by plugging and easily pinching to close the pores and to stimulate the circulation.
    • If the skin is dry ,you must apply a daily hydrated cream that vanishes away quickly
    • After shaving, wash very well the shaving brush with water and soap and apply a disinfectant.
    • If you have beard, try not to touch your mandible. It must be glossy, clean and combed. For a better result, comb it a shaving brush that has natural hair. Nowadays ,the saying according to which ,”the man must be a little hansom than….the devil”, kind of disappeared .Today ,women want nice men who take care of their look …think that is not bad at all.

Especially, when there are so many beauty products for men on the market, very useful with little effort. There are enough 10-15 minutes per day to take care of your face skin, to choose the right products and you’ll soon see its profits.

One of the objects that every man has in its vanity bag is the shaving machine, used by some men daily and by others only occasionally.

The technology advanced a lot, so the shaving machines are more sophisticated. And this is not all, the cream, the gel or the shaving foam have more efficient formulas of resolving almost any problem.

Here are the steps that you need to follow for an efficient shaving:

  1. We choose a hydrated shaving gel (it is easier to use the gel; it has a more pleasant texture and it also hydrates very well).
  2. We look for a very advanced shaving machine that will assure a safe and efficient shave.
  3. After shaving we use a calming balm or serum and it’s done.

A lot of people think that using face cream is only for women. It couldn’t be more wrong. The way that woman’s face skin needs vitamins and the same is for man’s face, it needs hydration and a lot of attention taking in consideration that the level of population is so increased.

So, it is necessary to achieve a cream that matches the type of your skin, and if you passed 30-35 years you can use with trust a very intense anti-wrinkle hydrated cream.

If you observe that your face is dry almost all the time and you have the sensation that skin press you, than you have to use a cream for dry skin at least once a day.

Generally it is recommended to use the cream every day morning and night, before you go to bed, and after you cleaned your face with make-up removing. If you can do it twice a day, then it is compulsory to do it at least once a day. If your face is shinny and filled all the time it’s better to use a cream for greasy skin or mixed skin. Even those who have problems with their skin face can find a solution.

There are a lots of creams specially conceived for acne skin face or with some other problems. Use those creams with all trust, but if your problems are serious you should consult a dermatologist .Your nourishment, drinking a lot of liquids and sport are also very important in everyone’s health.

The man should also take care of their personal looking, to be healthy and full of energy at every age. Use those creams with all trust, but if your problems are serious you should consult a dermatologist.

Don’t let for tomorrow what you can do today!

Take care of yourself and you will be the most attractive person.

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