History of Shaving

The term shaving widely means the elimination of body hair technically called the depilation with the help of sharp edged metallic blade better known as the razor or with the help of some bladed device for slicing down the hair to the level of the skin. Shaving is the most commonly used practice by the men in general for eliminating their facial hair and females for removing hair from their legs and underarm. The man with completely shaved beard is called clean-shaven man.

It has been well known that both men and women often shave the unwanted hair from their face, chest, and abdominal area, on their legs, underarms as well as their pubic hair besides excess hair form any part of their body in general. The head shaving is supposed to be more common within the male segment. The head shaving also greatly connected with certain religious beliefs, the armed forces and several competitive sports such as swimming and some other extreme sports. The practice is also common in men with partial baldness. In some typical societies the head shaving practice is also common for humiliating or punishing somebody for executing the obedience to the authority. While in many societies it is considered as the disgrace around presence of noticeable hair on the beard in females and is strongly pressurized to eliminate it.

Before the razor was invented some humans were reported of eliminating their body hair with the help of a couple of shells for pulling them out. Then sometimes around 3000 years BC the copper tools were created followed by the razors made from the copper. Perhaps this is supposed to be the time when the concept of artistic approach for personal hygiene would have initiated. However, the Egyptian priests are believed to have perhaps attempted something like this even earlier. During the 4th communal BC, as revealed in the history that Alexander the Great strongly promoted shaving during his reign.

Usually the shaving is done with the help of a straight razor better known as the safety razor – manual shaving or wet shaving, or the electric shaving – the dry shaving by using the electrically operated shaving device. Some lathering or lubricating substances such as shaving gel or shaving cream or shaving soap or foam or shaving oils are widely applied on the face for moisturizing and lifting the skin, softening and swelling the hair for easy cutting, in case of the manual wet razor is used. This method improves and eases the cutting process and also helps cutting the hair deeper below the surface of the facial skin. besides wet shaving, there are some other methods of shaving too that are commonly in practice by many people like, electric shaving – it is also known as the dry shaving system as no soap of lubricating agents are required in this type of shaving system.

Though, there is no specific technique for shaving, however, it is noticed that people follow their own suitable system for shaving their beard like double shave or reverse shave practice. One thing is for sure that the invention or discovery of shaving system has been blessings in disguise for the entire male segment.

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