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Nights spent with parties, getting up early in the morning, having lunch in a hurry, never ending meetings, is a life style whose effects are reflected first of all on your skin. You will get up one morning and you will see in the mirror a man’s face which you don’t recognize anymore: visible eye circles, wrinkles, dehydrated skin.

Your success has its price of course, but you don’t have to pay it with your own body. You can take women as example, as they know the secret for a long time.

First of all protect your skin! Statistics say that lately cosmetic products for men have been sold in larger amounts and the offer is more and more generous. The best method to prevent wrinkles is to use a solar protection cream. A daily routine should include cleaning your skin and exfoliating it with an exfoliating gel. It removes dead cells and prepares your skin for a shaving without problems, a more efficient one. Apply a hydrating cream during the day and for the evening you can choose regenerating lotions.

It is only a myth the fact that men don’t have so many skin problems like women. Men’s skin can get wrinkles as well as women’s one and they can get acne or dermatitis, just like women. Moreover, men must shave every day. They don’t spend a lot of money on anti wrinkles creams, or on solar protection creams, but men who have a little self respect use the best shaving products.

Are you tired of all the cheep shaving products that promise a lot and do nothing? Your face skin deserves the best. We can make your dream come true. We have the honor of presenting you our new Panasonic electric shaver. This product is exclusively recommended to men. The product has an attractive design and it is very efficient. It is a available all over the world and you can purchase it in specialized shops or online.

Panasonic electric shaver has a lift and cut system which assures a totally elimination of the unwanted hair. Its pop-up razor blade guarantees you a perfectly smooth shaving of the neck, chin and face. Allow us to tell you something about its charging system.

It is a wired rechargeable device. A shaving session lasts about 30 minutes, and for a recharge you have to wait an hour .It also automatic selectivity from 100 to 200 V.

It has a special pointer which will show you when the battery it’s loaded. It also has a special on/off switcher and to be safer we created a special lock button.

But that is not all. To make it special and more efficient we added some very useful accessories. Thanks to this new technology you can also benefit of its cleaning brush. This special product is a real challenge .So let’s emphasize its main qualities:

  • It resolves the greatest problems of its users, reaching on the most difficult areas.
  • It guarantees a perfect, smooth shaving, without feeling any pain

You only should have trust in our Panasonic electric shaver and the result will be the positive one!!

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