Bravo Tooth Whitening System: A Good Choice for Whitening Your Teeth

If you are among the millions of people who worry that their teeth are becoming stained or yellow, then you will be glad to hear that the bravo tooth whitening system promises the restoration of the color of your teeth at an amazing low cost of just $25.

The Bravo Tooth Whitening System and the 96 Per cent Success Story

There has been a research study to measure the efficiency of the bravo tooth whitening system. Astonishingly the results revealed that 96 percent of the people who tried the system were satisfied with the results of the application of the product. This system is especially effective with teeth which are yellow or brown. The grey color stains are better removed by laser treatment, as these stains are more stubborn that the yellow stains.

The bravo tooth whitening system has been found highly efficient; however it needs to be repeated every three months or so depending upon the food habits of the person and the type of oral hygiene routine they follow. This product has become popular almost overnight because it delivers almost all the promises it makes.

Of course, the results vary from person to person, but if you follow the instructions closely and ensure that you avoid foods that stain teeth for at least a week after its application, you will have nothing to complain about the bravo tooth whitening system.

The success rate of this product has been recorded at 96 percent which is extremely high by any standards. This rate of success can be compared only with that of the laser treatment; making the bravo tooth whitening system one of the cost-efficient kits on the market.

Post-Whitening Care is Very Important

The results of any whitening product will very much depend upon the way you treat your teeth after the whitening treatment. It is recommended not to consume coffee or any caffeinated products for at least one week after the application of the gel.

You should also avoid smoking and alcoholic drinks during this time. Even mouthwash with alcohol is not allowed, since any amount of alcohol can reverse the effects of the whitening agent.

Hence, the success or the failure of the treatment actually depends on you and the way you treat your teeth after the process. Those who complain of its inefficiency may have neglected or ignored some or all the instructions - especially the post-treatment guidelines.

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