Big Break or Mistake: The Right Tooth Whitening Product

Deciding to get a whiter smile can be a difficult process with all the tooth whitening products out there. The effectiveness of over-the-counter treatments and whether a dentist's procedure is a rip-off are questions running through your mind. Getting a whiter smile is an exciting idea and tooth whitening products should be regarded in that spirit.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Everyone lives their lives differently with limits on how much money they'll spend for something they want. Tooth whitening products certainly have a wide range of prices. If professionalism is the question, it's probably best to talk to a dentist about getting a procedure done. If money is the issue, then it's safe to go to the local drugstore and buy a cheaper tooth whitening product -- most of the products out there work great. Many people use over-the-counter treatments and are happy with it, and given enough time the same response can be obtained as from a dental office procedure. Tooth whitening products are just for whitening teeth and they all work, so go for what matches your lifestyle.

There is a Difference

Professional treatments applied by dentists are faster than tooth whitening products found at a drugstore, but they are also more expensive. A dentist will whiten teeth for somewhere in the triple digits, but a drugstore treatment will usually cost under a hundred dollars. Also, over-the-counter tooth whitening products take about two weeks of daily application before any change in color will be noticeable. So time and money will be the biggest concern for anyone looking for whiter teeth, but it's also worth it. Another factor to consider is the length of time the whiter smile will last. Over-the-counter treatments typically need to be repeated every six months depending on your eating habits, age, and whether or not you smoke. The dentist delivers a longer-lasting bright smile.

There are no other real differences between professional treatments and drugstore items except for personal preference. Some customers may prefer products from a certain company, but that's only an issue if the customer is looking at buying a tooth whitening product from a local store. Chances are a dentist will have a specific treatment they use, and for how much it costs, the treatment better be good! Don't forget that getting a whiter smile is an exciting endeavor and is really a "win-win" situation, so just choose whichever method is comfortable and have fun. Then smile!

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