Bleach or No Bleach: The Opalescence Tooth Whitening System

In order to get that whiter smile to impress onlookers, the dentist is the best person to talk to. A dentist usually has a professional whitening procedure that can be performed for quicker and longer lasting results. One popular option is the opalescence tooth whitening system and for good reason.

The Bleach Option

The biggest issue that comes up with tooth whitening is whether it has bleach and if it's harmful because of it. The opalescence tooth whitening system is known for the no-bleach option it offers. The process may not go as quickly, but if the patient is uncomfortable with using bleach, he can get the treatment without it.

If a patient does receive bleach, the opalescence tooth whitening system uses the same kind of light reacting bleach used for fillings. The bleach is applied and then a little blue light is used to illuminate the substance, causing it to work faster. The process may sound scary, but it's really quite efficient. If this is the direction a customer wishes to take, then there is nothing to worry about as this method is used often with common fillings.

More Benefits

The opalescence tooth whitening system is also healthy for teeth. The product advertises that it helps teeth by using special minerals, so your teeth are not only looking whiter, but are benefiting from it too. With this benefit, the opalescence tooth whitening system is great for making a healthy smile, literally. It's easy to see why many dentists have chosen this as their treatment for patients who desire whitening.

Some dentists do not use the opalescence tooth whitening system as their main treatment, but it doesn't hurt to ask. Many times other options are available and many are just as good. Other products may not be quite as fancy as this whitening system, but they are still proven to accomplish the goal of whitening teeth.

The opalescence tooth whitening system is a professional treatment that works great with our without bleach. For this reason it is a product that many dentists choose and it also is proven to make teeth healthy. With all the options of tooth whitening products, this system is a safe one to choose. The opalescence tooth whitening system gears its service to the comfort of the patient - and most importantly, it has shown to really work.

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