Four Basic Facts about the Tooth Whitening Kit

When brushing your teeth this morning you may have noticed a little dinginess to your smile, a trace of yellow. Perhaps your smoking, wine drinking, soft drink habit, or (as much as you hate to admit) your age is taking its toll on those pearly whites.

You have heard about a tooth whitening kit and you are wondering if it is time. Four questions to ask about the tooth whitening kit that you are thinking about purchasing include: What does the kit contain, what do I need to do, how does it work, and how long will the effects of the treatment last?

What Does the Kit Contain?

The actual whitening agent contained in the tooth whitening kit contains the ingredient carbamide peroxide. Included are two boil and bite trays. One is for the upper row of teeth and the other is for the lower row of teeth. These trays within the kit are filled with the appropriate amount of the carbamide peroxide and then molded over the teeth.

Also, the tooth whitener comes in different concentrations. The higher percentage concentration of the carbamide peroxide the stronger the formula and the quicker the results. However, the stronger the formula the more sensitive the teeth may temporarily become too sensitive to hot and cold liquids and food. Additionally, depending upon the length of your treatment, the kits can contain different quantities of the whitening gel.

What Do I Need to Do?

The length of treatment varies anywhere from 10 to 14 days to achieve maximum results. It is recommended that you consult with your dentist before purchasing and using a tooth whitening kit. Following any of their recommendations will enhance this procedure.

How Does It Work?

The process involved in using your tooth whitening kit is fairly straightforward. In preparation for your treatment each of the bite trays are immersed into hot water for five seconds. They are then placed into the mouth appropriately and bitten down upon. Being pliable enough they are then molded to fit your teeth through the use of your fingers and tongue. This process takes approximately two minutes.

Now having a mold of your teeth, the reservoirs, located within the trays, are filled with the proper quantity of the gel. These trays are then slipped back over your teeth and you allow the scrubbing to work while you sleep.

The active ingredient within this whitening gel, carbamide peroxide, begins to break down into hydrogen peroxide and oxygen, and then each permeates the enamel to whiten stains. The integrity of the teeth is maintained -- only the outward appearance takes on a new whitened look!

How Long Does it Last?

The length of the effects from your tooth whitening kit will vary from individual to individual. Those variables include the further use of food and liquid taken, your age, and family history.

Note that this technique of teeth whitening is not a permanent, one time only treatment. Future treatments may be needed in the future to if eating and smoking habits don't change, and the stains slowly reappear.

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