Vitiligo is another term for leucoderma which happens when the immune system is malfunctioning. A lose of skin coloration in patches will occur when individuals have leucoderma. Different parts of the body can be affected if leucoderma spreads. Melanin is a substance found in our skin and helps to give your skin its color. In the case of individuals suffering from leucoderma, areas of the skin are not producing melanin and as a result white or colorless spots will result and later develop into patches. Eventually these patches may cover most of a persons body since they will often grow bigger. People with darker skin tones will have a patches that are more noticeable. There are no relevant complications and the condition doesn’t cause any pain so it is considered harmless. However, individuals with the condition may have emotional distress from the physical alterations that occur with the condition.

Causes of Leucoderma

The causes of leucoderma are difficult since they can have more than one meaning. Although doctors believe the causes may be related to excessive emotional stress, worms or other parasites, gastric disorders, deficit hepatic function, typhoid, external injuries or burns and in many cases, due to a family history of leucoderma.

Who Is More At Risk At Developing Leucoderma?

Anyone can be affected by leucoderma regardless of sex or race. Although, half of the diagnosed cases of leucoderma occur in individuals under the age of twenty-five. If there is a family history of the disease then there may be increased chances for developing the condition. About one to three percent of the popular throughout the world is affected by leucoderma with a high incidence of it occurring in India with 8.8 percent of the cases happening there.

How Can It Be Treated?

Individuals suffering from this condition are recommended to expose the skin area that is affected to the sun each day for about twenty to thirty minutes. Some patients may undergo artificial treatment with ultra violet rays if direct sunlight isn’t sufficient. To avoid skin irritation individuals should use mild shower gels and stay away from cream and powder cosmetic products. Some physicians do recommend spreading coconut oil over the patches and a diet rich in iron. Adjusting an individuals lifestyle is another part of treatment by making it more relaxed and avoiding stress where possible.

Treatment can be a long process and individuals should start a balanced diet if they haven’t already done so once they are diagnosed. A daily food intake should include fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and grains. A patient’s physical and emotional condition can be benefited by avoiding alcohol, coffee, tea, polished rice, spicy dishes and foods that are tinned or bottled. Individuals should avoid wearing clothing that restrict blood circulation and those that scratch the affected area.

Unfortunately a lack of support from family and friends causes much of the emotional distress felt by individuals with leucoderma. A patient’s exclusion is often contributed to by the fact that individuals wrongly feel the disease is infectious or contagious. To contribute to an individuals confidence and help them to deal with their insecurities it is important for people with leucoderma to be actively involved in social activities.

The contribution treatment makes for individuals with leucoderma is to stabilize the skin condition and in many cases it will be responsible for successfully treating the existing patches completely. While some will choose to undergo treatments such as laser surgery some may also prefer to choose the homeopathic treatment options. How soon treatment is undergone will play a large role in determining treatment. Some of the more complicated areas to treat are the hairless areas of the body such as the palms and soles. Although in many cases patients have fully recovered.

It is very important that people become informed as to the harmless nature of leucoderma and that the condition is not infectious or contagious in any way. It is sad to see that some are still prejudice towards those who suffer from this condition especially since we live in an age when information is so easy to get. Family and friends of those with leucoderma have a duty to help correctly inform other who still do not have a proper view of this disease.

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