This is a fungal infection that has been known to attack the fingernails and/or toenails. The biggest problem is that this infection can cause the toe or fingernails to become disfigured. The nails can also be thickened or discolored. The skin infection can become a lot thicker and you will have trouble putting your shoes on if you don’t have the problem seen by a doctor. You will also experience a lot of pain from walking. The right treatment can be administered by a doctor and help provide you with comfort while walking.

Vulnerable Patients

This condition won’t be contracted by any specific age group or gender. When you are being diagnosed with this condition your age will not come into effect. You gender will also not be considered when your doctor makes a diagnosis. This skin infection has been contracted by men and women of all ages and it can be very painful if it isn’t diagnosed early. This skin infection has been experienced by patients of all age from all walks of life, so you should always remember you can contract this condition. You family and friends are also just as likely to get it as you are. Anyone can contract this condition.

Symptoms of Onychomycosis

A few symptoms can make people think they have contracted this condition. Most of the symptoms will appear on the problem area and usually include the finger or toenails. There may be a discoloration, disfigurement and also thick nails. It is highly recommended that you see your doctor for a diagnosis if you have any of these symptoms. You can also many problems that can occur in the future with a correct diagnosis early. You shouldn’t take this skin infection lightly and you should go to your doctor immediately if you think you have it. Once your doctor diagnoses you with the problem the correct medication can be prescribed.


It is not very hard for doctors to diagnose this condition. Many doctors have seen this skin infection before and are trained to provide the right diagnosis for the problem. Obviously the doctor will check either your finger or toenails and then diagnose the problem quickly. You doctor will give you a prescription for oral antibiotics to help clear up the skin infection if you are diagnosed with the condition. If the problem does go away you still have to complete the full program. The skin infection can become worse and even return after disappearing if you don’t complete the program.

Treatment for Onychomycosis

For anyone diagnosed with this condition the treatment available will be a welcome relief. People can overcome this skin infection with treatment. A doctor will give oral antibiotics once you are diagnosed. Since nails grow very slowly and receive very small amounts of blood supply it can be hard to treat this condition. Another treatment available for this condition is a liquid that can be administered directly to the finger or toenails. You always need to use all of the treatment otherwise there is a risk that the condition can come back.

Summary of Onychomycosis

To the patient who contracts this condition it is very horrible. Things that used to be easy to do will become very painful experiences. Although there is a treatment and it has helped patients who are suffering from this skin infection to have a full recovery. You don’t have to stop leading a normal life with this condition since many individuals make a full recovery. You just need to have it looked at by a doctor the moment you notice it.

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