Perioral Dermatitis

Red, bumpy and slightly scaly rashes around the mouth is a sign of perioral dermatitis. The infected area can cause itching and peeling. It can spread around the eyes and nose since it is a facial rash. Young women can be affected by this skin disease but it has been known to affect men and children sometimes. The name comes from that given to the mouth and the rash that appear if you contract the disease. The area around the mouth is referred to as perioral. The name given to the rash that appears on the skin is dermatitis. The area around the mouth is the only place affected by perioral dermatitis, especially the lines that go from the nose to your lips and chin. The skin disorder has also been known to infect that areas around the eyes and nose.

Symptoms of Perioral Dermatitis

A rash around the mouth area is the most common symptom of perioral dermatitis and it may spread to the eyes and nose. Individuals often feel a slight itching, burning sensation and some mild peeling. Individuals may also experience a tight tension around the affected area. However, it doesn’t extend to any other part of the body.

Age Group

Often this facial rash will occur in young women and often it comes and goes over time. Evidence shows there may be more than one cause of this rash. The use of creams that are made with topical steroid is perhaps the most common and proven main cause of perioral dermatitis. Medically prescribed steroid sprays can be another cause. Inhaling these sprays often helps alleviate blocked noses. Perioral dermatitis can be a detrimental side effect. Facial medication, skin irritation and the excessive use of facial creams can also lead to an unsightly facial rash in the same field. Rosacea can even be another cause. Culprits that act as catalysts to perioral dermatitis include fluorinated toothpastes and oily skin.

Diagnosis and Testing

A dermatologist diagnosis the condition through an examination. It can be seen and it is a common facial disease. However a blood test can be carried out if there is any doubt to rule out any other skin conditions that can resemble perioral dermatitis.

Treatment for Perioral Dermatitis

Thankfully extensive treatment isn’t required for perioral dermatitis. The type of treatment allocated to it has been medically proven to be very effective. Normally the treatment includes the patient discontinuing the use of creams that have topical steroids. Most of the time individuals are required to stop using sunscreens and cosmetics. The rash will often worsen tremendously when this happens before it starts to get better. Individuals should expect this but topical steroids shouldn’t be used on the affected area. If you do then the rash will likely appear again. The facial rash is cleaned with water. You should use a non-soap face wash only when your skin shows signs of improvement. An oral antibiotic program should be done which lasts for six weeks or sometimes long depending on what your dermatologist or medical practitioner feels is best for your perioral dermatitis. You could experience problems if you don’t complete the full course of antibiotics.


While on anti-biotic treatment patients will often easily recover from perioral dermatitis. Although the disease may also be chronicle since some patients have a recurrence of the rash once they discontinue antibiotics. If this is the case then the same treatment procedure is repeated.

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