Mucocutaneous Candidiasis

Found in the mouth, nails, skin and sometimes other organs, mucocutaneous candidiasis is a fungi infection belonging to the candidi family which lives on the surface of the skin. The white color of the infection is referenced in the name candidi. When someone contracts this condition the tongue will appear white. Not just part of the tongue will show white, but the whole tongue. Although this skin condition can also occur on other parts of the human body. It can appear on the nails and skin as well as the organs so you should always watch carefully for this disease.

Who Does It Affect?

Usually the very young under the age of three and young adults are affected by this condition. Adults are rarely affected. The reason for this is unknown. You should take your child to a doctor for a full diagnosis if any of the symptoms are present. Again adults have been known to contract this disorder. If you have already experienced it during your childhood then you are more likely to experience it as an adult. Even those who haven’t had it as a child can still contract it during adulthood. Even some individuals who are fifty years old have had the misfortune of contracting this condition. Never think you won’t get this skin disease and let your guard down. Always be prepared and always remain cautious. To make sure that you aren’t going to contract this skin disease make regular visits to your doctor. If you show any symptoms of this condition then you should see a doctor immediately to receive a full diagnosis.

Symptoms of Mucocutaneous Candidiasis

There are other names for this condition as well. For medical professionals some of these are well known while others aren’t. Some other name for this condition include oral candidiasis also known as thrush. This name was chosen because it looks like the white spots that are seen on the bird with the same name. Both young and old can be affected by thrust and it is usually caused by unclean or improper fitting dentures in the elderly.

The fingernails and toenails will be swollen at the base while also being tender and red. You may also sound horse since it has an affect on the larynx vocal cords. Moist and warms areas are most affected such as under your arms, vagina, between the buttocks, groin and breast. This means you whole body is susceptible to this condition. At the base there can be a granulomus which is a hard and horn like lesion which is usually found on the scalp and trunk but is rarely found on the hands and face.

Causes of Mucocutaneous Candidiasis

The cause of this condition is immune system failure. To fight off infections the immune system is made up of white blood cells that use proteins. It can also be caused by defective t-lymphocytes or a low level of immunoglobulin. It is also caused by genetic predisposition so you can get it from a single parent or both. Although sometimes a patient will have not medical record of this type of skin disorder in the family so the genetic predisposition hasn’t been fully shown yet.

Summary of Mucocutaneous Candidiasis

This condition mainly attacks young children although it has been recorded in a few adults patients. Almost any part of your body can be attacked by this skin disease and you have to be aware at all times. There is no specific age group that is truly safe from this condition and you should be prepared by knowing the symptoms. Check your body regularly and then you can be sure to catch and contain this condition before it progresses to a worse stage.

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