Orbital Cellulitis

Preseptal cellulitis and orbital cellulitis are very similar eye infections. The symptoms include swollen eyelids and also red eyes. However, with preseptal cellulitis an individual can freely move their eye without pain. Those with orbital cellulitis can move their eye due to the pain that results. Blurred or double vision may also be experienced by the patient. A headache and a fever may also accompany the symptoms. It is highly likely that the patient has orbital cellulitis if they have unusual pupil reaction. To help fully diagnose the problem a CAT scan may be required, but the same kind of symptoms as orbital cellulitis have been known to occur if a foreign body enters the eye.

Vulnerable Patients

Anyone can become a victim of this condition. No matter what your age or gender you can contract this eye infection. No one age group or gender gets this eye infection more than any other age group or gender. You are simply one of the unlucky people if you contract this eye infection. If you get this eye infection it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with your age or gender.

Symptoms of Orbital Cellulitis

Blurred or double vision, a fever and sometimes a red eye might appear on a patient with orbital cellulitis. The doctor will check to see if the eye is more forward than the other eye during the examination. A doctor will also see if there is a strange pupil reaction. These symptoms will help to confirm if a patient has orbital cellulitis. It is always best to have a doctor check the problem and provide a correct diagnosis.


Orbital cellulitis can be diagnosed in a couple of ways. Just by checking the patients eye socket and pupil many doctors can make a diagnosis. Although doctors don’t want to confuse the diagnosis with a different eye infection since there can be severe problems since correct and quick treatment is required for individuals with orbital cellulitis. A doctor may send a patient for a CAT scan to confirm a diagnosis. This will ensure the right diagnosis for the patient.

Treatment for Orbital Cellulitis

While there is treatment it will depend on the severity of the eye infection. A patient will be sent to the hospital if it is beyond the stage for normal oral antibiotics where they will be given a strong dose of antibiotics to help the swelling and the vast amounts of pain that normally come with the condition. Most patients go to a doctor right away for a diagnosis of this condition. Although some have waited for awhile and have required a hospital admittance. A patient is still required to complete a full course of antibiotics once they are discharged from the hospital.


Patients have been known to fully recover from this condition most of the time. The eye infection has actually formed into meningitis in some cases. If you do not have a follow up appointment with your doctor this can happen. Your doctor can decide if the eye infection is turning into meningitis with a few follow up appointments. If you do contract meningitis A then you will have a smaller chance of survival since this is the worst type of meningitis. Although if you are careful then your  chances of getting meningitis is slim.

Summary of Orbital Cellulitis

This is horrible eye infection that shouldn’t be experienced by anyone. You will know just how severe it is if you do experience it and don’t seek medical help right away. You must finish the course of antibiotics your doctor prescribes. You will probably have to visit the hospital instead of going home if you wait too long to go to the doctor.

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