Sebaceous Hyperplasia

This is a skin disease that affects peoples faces. Small growths are first noticed by the patient. Usually these growths are yellow. The first thing to know is that the condition isn’t dangerous and will not seriously endanger the patient. It means the patients has an overgrowth of some of the glands on their face. Although not dangerous the condition can be embarrassing for individuals since they suffer a big affect on their confidence and they often don’t go outside as much as they often do. This skin disease does have treatment available and the patient should go to the doctor right away.

Vulnerable Age Groups

One age group is more susceptible to this condition than any other age group. Men in their middle ages or slightly older age seem to be the most vulnerable. No one who is young should be pretty confident that they aren’t going to get the skin disease until they get a little older. Older men who have a family history of this disease should be aware of this condition and go to their doctor right away for medication for the growths the moment the appear if you feel you need the medication.

Causes of Sebaceous Hyperplasia

It is unknown what causes this condition but it does run in families that have a history of this condition. Although some relief can be gained by knowing the fact that it is not a contagious skin disorder. This should be a welcome relief for many. But the patient will still want to get rid of the disease. Since it seems to run in the family at least most patients will know what to expect since their parents will likely have told them about it.

Available Treatment for Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Although there is treatment available for this condition many feel there is no need for treatment since it goes away on its own. Some patients don’t want to wait for the problem to go away on its own and insist on receiving treatment. In this case a doctor will prescribe some cream or gel to help the disease. Most of the time it is tretinoin that has to be applied to the problem areas daily. The cream helps the condition from getting worse and slowly helps eliminate the skin condition. Accutane is a more powerful drug that you can use. Although the skin disease might come back once you stop using this drug. To make sure that you will no contract the condition again you will have to keep use this drug regularly.


You will not have to worry about anything except recovery if you contract this disease. You will not be caused any future problems from this disease and everyone always makes a full recovery. Doctors all over the world know that this condition is benign. Off course for the patient who already knows this it is only a small relief. If it runs in your family then you will be better prepared. You will know what to expect and what to do when you get this skin disorder.

Summary of Sebaceous Hyperplasia

To the people who contract this condition it is known to cause some embarrassment. Most don’t want to be seen in public and would prefer the medication to take immediate effect. Although most will still continue with their lives and not let this condition affect their daily routine.

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