Lichen Striatus

This is a skin disorder that is commonly found in children. Small raised bumps and a rash is discovered on a child’s body. Any part of the body can be affected by this skin disorder, but it typically occurs on the arms and/or legs of an individual. Strangely the condition doesn’t cause individuals to want to scratch the rash. There are no symptoms known to this condition that make an individual uncomfortable.

What To Expect

A rash and small bumps on the body is the main symptom to look for. Why mainly young children are infected is not known but there should be not discomfort linked to the rash. Unlike other skin disorders the child won’t have the need to constantly scratch and they won’t lose any part of their personality to the disorder. The most affected areas are the arms and legs since this is where is most commonly shows up on children who contract the disorder. Although it can appear on any part of the body.

Age Group

Seemingly, adults can’t contract this disorder. Rather it is usually only found in small children between five and ten years of age. Although any child a little under or over this age group isn’t immune to the disorder. It is highly recommended you take a child to the doctor is they show symptoms of lichen striatus during any age of their childhood. A diagnosis is then made based on the symptoms of the child.

Diagnosis and Testing

A doctor can very easily diagnose this skin disorder. Doctors are often familiar with lichen striatus and the symptoms associated with it. Often times no blood test is needed and a diagnosis can simply be made during the office visit. However, treatment can be hard since antibiotics don’t effectively fight it. Instead the doctor may recommend cortisone creams on the troubled area to speed up the recovery process. Although these creams may not have any effect. When the creams work it will still take about six months to a year before the disorder disappears completely.

Treatments for Lichen Striatus

There are a number of treatments, but they only occasionally work on individuals. Not everyone will have positive results. Cortisone creams is the only treatment you can administer to the trouble area. These creams can help soothe the problem and try to speed the recovery process. If the creams don’t work then the child will have to wait for the rash to disappear on its own. Recovery can sometimes take longer than six months but it often won’t be much longer. Patients have noticed the rash and small bumps go away after a year if they have had the skin disorder for a longer time. If the cortisone cream doesn’t work you can expect six months to a year for the rash to completely disappear on its own.

Complications of Lichen Striatus

How lichen striatus starts is now very well known. It is known that it isn’t dangerous or contagious among children. Everyone with this condition always makes a full recovery and there have been no reported complications after the rash is gone. While it may not be nice to see the rash it is important to remember that is isn’t dangerous to your child.

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