Beach Make Up

Once at the seaside you have to reckon the minimum protection for daily use, necessary when you are not on the beach, but you are exposing your face to the solar light. For the foundation cream, a value that normally has to be 15 can be up to 60 in the summer time, taking into account that the sun contributes 90% at the premature aging of the skin. To give your face sun touch savor, choose a face powder pigmented with yellow instead of that classic and commode colorless powder. Contrary to some ideas already formed, the colorless powders are invisible. They could change the natural color of the skin giving a dead-flat aspect.

To choose a free powder, you can test the color on the hand. It has to have a homogeneous consistence. The novelty is the padlock powder, which applied on any type of make up makes it resistant in front of all environment factors especially in front of the water. This kind of powder contains different minerals that adhere to the skin and in combination whit different greasy agents repel the water and in this way the powder becomes resistant, perfect for a beach day. For the make up another trick to explore during the long holidays by the sea is the game with the solar light. Usually the face line is the happiest to receive a bath light. In addition, the cheekbones, median line, and the center of the chin are good places for a sign of sheen.

You can use all the colors from the warm spectrum, but the most recommended are golden, brown- carroty, beige, or derivate tones from yellow and red.

Use a more natural beach makeup and so the bronze will be more evident. Choose body creams with brilliant or solar powder with rainbow- hued reflections. Even the beach makeup is not recommended, so as to not overload the face enough exposed to different factors like: sun, salt, fume, you can chose a natural and discreet makeup.

The foundation cream must be colorless, greasy applied in a thin layer. The color is in accordance with the face color with a number or two darker.

For eyes make up choose simple make up, greasy one. We recommend you eyebrow pencils resistant to water with discreet colors: ocean green, olive green, blue, blue Marin.

If you prefer warm colors, choose gold, pink, beige or bronze. Mascara has to be waterproof.

The make up you will do should be according to the color of the bathing- suit and at night, you should use strong, cold colors.

For lips, use a hydrating balm or a gloss with different tastes, to highlight the bronzed skin. If you want your lipstick resist even when you go into the water, use one resistant to transfer of beige and chocolate colors.

The nail varnish can be brilliant and pearly, of strong colors like red, dark pink. To care your skin, the make up stages will not be classic ones; the make-up will be easier during the warm season. The make up base uses a foundation cream type Water Sensation, applied in a thin layer, a colorless and very efficient one.

A make up cream 3 in 1 is the best choice for the arches make up, cheeks and lips.

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