Make up Brushes

In order to look at your best and so that your make up will be impeccable, you need make up tools, that is brushes of all types, that will help you be beautiful and have a shiny face, hiding the small imperfections at the same time.

They say each woman’s make up will look as good as the brushes she uses, and as follows we will present the most important make up brushes, which will help you become a true professional in make up division.

Powder brush – a layer of transparent powder applied with the big thick brush will prevent your face from shining and give your make up duration, no matter what type of skin you have.

Eye shadow brushes – for applying the shades on your eye you should use a thin brush or a sponge applicator, this way the make up will be impeccable and the shade will cover everything you want out of sight.

Foundation brush (make up base) helps a lot in a uniform application of the foundation.

Cosmetic sponge is ideal for compact foundation.

Use your pointing finger to apply foundation drops on your face, and then spread them with the cosmetic sponge, moving towards the exterior of the face.

These brushes represent actual weapons of the beauty and should be a part of your make up kit, next to the lipstick, mascara, cosmetic tissues, foundation, powder, or pearls.

Do not underestimate their importance – quality brushes give you fifty percent quality make up, and if you add some tips and tricks to the recipe, you can give new dimensions to your features.


In cosmetic vision, let the “natural is better” principle rule you. – Natural hairbrushes’ quality is far better and the risk of your skin getting irritated is lower. For eye and lips make up we recommend squirrel and marten hairbrushes, and for powder and blush you can choose pony, goat, and skunk hair. Choose the brushes with a long handle, this way using them will be much easier.

Eyes brushes

Flat brush, with a diagonal cut outlines the eye (instead of eyeliner pencil) or the color of the eyebrows. Choose one with short hair, very smooth, but firm at the same time, so will obtain a high quality make up.

Eyelids brush is thicker, made of soft hair, as flat as the previous one, but the ends of it are round, giving the brush efficiency in spreading the eye shadow uniform, and also giving you the possibility to fade a bit the color. Your kit should contain several different such brushes, either one for each color, or just two of them, one for dark colors and one for light colors.

Eyebrows brush – double use tool - at the end of it, it also has a special comb which is uses to remove mascara excess from your lashes, and give them a seductive effect at the same time. With the brush, you can easily redefine the shape of your eyebrows. If you want to emphasize them, brush them from the bottom to the top, and then towards the temples, this way you can reposition them, by following the natural curve of your eyebrows at the same time.

Are you looking for a remedy for long rebel eyebrows? They are straight if you comb them downwards after using a bit of cream.

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