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Detail that makes a difference: blush

Many of us have the tendency to avoid blush, or simply ignore it, but it can be decisive in finishing daily make or a special occasion make up. If you already know what type of blush is right for you, and how to apply it, it can become the secret weapon in emphasizing your beauty. Even though it is of the highest importance and we sometimes make mistakes, we use it in excess. It is not at all difficult to control applying blush, it only takes a minute, and the outcome will be a fresh, shiny look

What shade should you choose?

First step in applying blush is choosing the right shade that suits your natural skin color and type. How do you do that? Nothing easier – think about how your face looks on a cold day or when you have sweat after a good fitness session. You can also find out your natural color by performing an easy test. Pinch your cheeks gently and you will see the right shade.

Next, you have to obtain that particular shade with the blush. You can obviously choose other shades, but we do recommend that those be close to your natural one. You must also match your lipstick with the color of the blush, this way you will avoid a chromatic unmatched contrast.

What is the right blush texture that suits your face?

Right after determining the perfect shade, you must determine the right texture of your blush. That must also be well adapted to your skin type. If your skin is oily, or mixed, you should use dust powder or gel blush. If your skin is dry, choose a creamy like blush. No matter what type of blush you decide to use, choose fine textures that can give you a uniform cover and follow the shades until you get what you are looking for.

What is the right procedure when applying the blush?

The end of the procedure makes the masterpiece be valuable, so applying the blush will clearly define your make up. The explanation is simple: after you have seen the whole picture (make up base, eyeshades and lipstick), you will know exactly what shade your blush should be in order for your work to be complete, and your look to be perfect.

Ask for your mirror’s advice. What is your face shape like? Is it round, oval, square, or heart shaped? Depending on that particular element, you will find the right way to apply the blush, for example if your face is round, and you want to create the impression of it being long, apply the shade in such a manner that it is intense at the base (on your cheek bone), and a bit diffuse on the lower part.

Here is a trick that even Mariah Carey uses: smile while applying your blush, because the smile will emphasize your cheeks, and this way you will know exactly where to apply it.

Forget about “Barbie” doll make up, in other words do not apply the blush in circles. In addition, do not under any circumstances use a powder sponge to apply it. The color goes into the sponge and the result you will obtain is not something you would like other people to see.

If you exaggerated with the blush and your look resembles to a clown at the circus, or like a china doll, remedy that with make up foundation. If you chose a powder like blush, apply a compact powder lair and you will probably be able to remove the excessive blush from your cheek. On the other hand, if you used a creamy blush, make up base is the answer to your problem. No matter of the blush type you used, do not forget to repeat the procedure for both of your cheeks.

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