Lipstick Tips

Here are some aspects you have to know about lipstick. Following these pieces of advice, your lipstick will be longer lasting and you will look more beautiful and happier every day.

If the lipstick is bar like and it has a long package, apply it directly on the lips using a single movement (slowly, with no hurry, within the contour) and do not bite your lips (or massage them) in order to spread the lipstick uniformly. Anyway these lipsticks have very good coverage, there is not necessary a color homogenization or in this case of the lipstick pellicle, otherwise it will immediately exfoliate.

If the lipstick has two components, you will follow exactly the instructions on the package, namely: apply colored lipstick, wait almost one minute and then apply fixing gloss and then at last you can homogenize color. In this case, also, homogenization is not necessary but women do it out of instinct, they bite their lips and consider it beneficial. Women adore lipsticks! Even if we have a multitude of lipsticks having different colors and tissues we want more of them, maybe because we get bored with the same color or we do not keep lipsticks under adequate conditions and they alter quickly and easily break because it becomes soft. That is why you have to take care of your lipsticks.

When you do not take the lipstick with you, you can keep it in the fridge especially in the summer when it is hot. Thus, it will be more resistant and you can enjoy it every day. Use a lip liner before using the lipstick and the color will resist more time. However, be careful and do not use a lip liner in a shade, which is very different from the lipstick color. It would be ideal to have the same shade. If you do not want lipstick on your teeth, use the following trick, which can be very efficient. Therefore, after you have painted your lips using lipstick, it would be ideal to do it using a paintbrush, slide your forefinger into the mouth, squeeze the lips and without opening them, remove the finger gently so that all excessive lipstick will stick to your finger.

You can use lipstick instead of blush as well. However, do not apply too much because you can look like a clown. In addition, you cannot use blush instead of lipstick. If you are not very young, you should use creamy lipstick. Especially women over the age of 50 should avoid matte lipsticks, which dehydrate lips. If you have purchased a bizarre color of lipstick, which you do not like, you can combine it with another color of lipstick and the combination can be agreeable for you. For example if you have a bright shade and a violet one after combining them you can obtain a nice shade of purple. To continue with, lip-gloss is nice but you are angry because it disappears quickly. Therefore, you can color the entire surface of your lips using a lip liner in the same shade or other color and apply transparent gloss. Thus, it will be more resistant.

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