Eye Make Up

Stake on the eyes

Eyes are the most important messengers of the inside beauty. A few women know to make-up their eyes through their own talent. The majority of them are wavering when it is talking about choosing and using the products, or, on the contrary, they exaggerate adding many years than they really are. Here is a little lesson of correct make-up:

An anti wrinkle line in order to eliminate the tired impression. Use a corrector pencil a little more light than the shade of your complexion. Draw a line on the inferior eyelid, from the internal corner of the eye towards its exterior. Draw it gently with the top of the fingers. The foundation applies above it.

A dust of powder for the colors

Before you apply the make-up for the eyelid (beige, brown, blue, etc.), powder you must powder it gently with a little tampon. The colors of the make-up do not “flow” anymore in the wrinkles of the eyelid.

A line of eye pencil in order to intensify your look

 With the top of a eyeliner well sharpened outline a black, fine line, on the superior eyelid’s border, moving from the internal corner of the eye towards the exterior corner, outrunning it a little, in order to make the eyes seem bigger. If you want to be in the last fashion, outline also a black line of the inferior damp eyelid’s border.

Choose make-up for eyes in colors, which will highlight your iris. The colors of make-up are in accordance with the eye color. You will never fail if you choose a shade a little more close than the iris (a closer brown for hazel eyes, a closer grey for blue eyes, etc.). If you are bolder, you can also try other combinations, freer: brown, if your eyes are blue, golden, if your eyes are hazel, intense blue, if your eyes are black. Can you avoid an error? To use an eyelids make-up of the same color with your eyes, it kills the look, instead of making it shiny.

The mascara, for the intensity: the most used colors of mascara are brown and black ones. You have the eyelashes right, like the Asiatic women. Use a special device for curving the eyelashes (you find them in shops). Then you can apply the mascara, erasing the surplus from the stick’s brush with a serviette. Firstly, lubricate your eyelashes from the exterior part of the eye until their border. Move on to the other eye, in order to in the time the mascara dry. Apply a second layer. After it dries, you can easily pass over the eyelashes with a brush.

Do you have the eyelashes too short? On the trend requires a new generation of extensible mascaras, composed of little particles that glue on the eyelashes top and lengthen them.

A piece of advice

If you want to draw somebody’s attention over the eyes, dye your lips as discreetly as possible, with a lipstick the skin’s color, for example, or with a transparent lip-gloss.

The sight and the make-up

The glasses of the spectacles make the eyes seem to be smaller (in the myopia’s case), or bigger. The women are obliged to set out the make-up, in order to reestablish the proportions.

Are you myopic? Enlarge your eyes, because the spectacles glasses reduce them. Use eyeliner. Outline it on the length of superior eyelid (on the border of the eyelashes), prolonging the line beyond the eye’s corner. Apply on the superior eyelid (between the eyelashes and the fold formed by the eyelid) a light make-up. Draw a line with the pencil and under the eyelashes of the inferior eyelid, and then apply the mascara.

Avoid the close make-up of eyelids and the eyeliner on the damp border of the inferior eyelid.

If you cannot see at a distance, choose make-up in sweet shades. How the glasses of their spectacles enlarge, you must prefer the clear colors. Use the eyeliner in any mode you want.

Avoid the make-up in nacre or glittering colors, which highlight all the impurities.

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