Applying Powder

Make-up is an art. We women use it when we need to look better. However, in order to achieve that purpose, we must keep some details into account. We must think about age, skin type, and face shape. Do you use the blush? Of course you do, because that not only represents a good way to emphasize your cheeks, but also a way to make you look much more sexy and energetic. If you ever wondered about the difference between moist and powder like blush and the results of using each of them, read the article below.

Choosing one of the two above mentioned depends on the results you get after.

  • Powder blush provides you a finished look and has the role of outlining your cheeks; it is the ideal choice for that. You should use a big brush and apply it with circular moves on the surface of the cheek. Before you apply it, tap or give a light blow to the brush so you can eliminate excessive powder. Then, apply it along your cheeks, nose, and forehead
  • Creamy blush - creates a glamorous, shiny, elegant look

How to apply: use your fingertips to spread it along your cheeks

Do you need a powder touch against excessive shining of your cheek?

Yes! However, if it is the second time you repeat the procedure during a day use a tissue to wipe your face first. Never fail to use a transparent powder, lighter than your make up base product’s color, so your cheek won’t look too dark and never apply powder under your eyes, because that will make your wrinkles show, no matter how small they are, and give them an “old skin’ effect.

These are the reasons for which, if you want your cheeks well outlined, use the powder blush, and if you are searching for a shiny, elegant look, you should use the creamy moist blush.

Transparent Powder

An up and down movement should do the trick when applying such a product on your cheeks. This powder-finished make-up, giving it a more pleasant shade and a homogeneity look, also helps a lot in maintaining your fresh look for a longer time.

Dusty Powder

If you will apply dusty powder right after your make up base, you will need to correct and redo your make up very soon. You can wait for a few minutes before that, so you can give enough time to your make up foundation get absorbed by the skin. You should insist a bit on the areas mentioned above, that is nose, forehead, and cheeks. The powder should be applied with gentle movements, and never use compact powder to finish your make up – American specialists say that this product is not too effective, not even for covering the pores. In this case, remove the excessive powder with the help of your brush.

If you wish to cover skin imperfections with the help of the powder:

  • For an oval shaped face, the powder should form a triangle with the peak toward the nose and the base toward you cheeks
  • For a round shaped face, you must apply it under your eyes, on your cheeks, close to the nose.
  • If your face has squares shaped margins, apply the powder in diagonal, on the cheeks, starting from the nose towards the temples.
  • For an edged face, apply the powder on the cheeks, close to the nose, towards you jaw.

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