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Most of the make up products have 3 years warranty term. Liquid foundation will not be good after 2 years. Replace mascara every 3 months. If you are not certain about the age of the products in your drawer, use your nose. If a product has passed the warranty term, you will notice that by smelling it. If you still cannot figure it out, and you are not sure about it, you had better get rid of it.

Throw them away unless you use them

The key for a very good organized drawer is to keep only what you a sure you will use again. If a product is unused for several years, do not hesitate to put it in the trash. If you own products that you do not use daily, keep those for special events. However, if the chance to use those products does not show up, just get rid of them


Identify your daily routine. What color you usually wear, for example. Once you have established that, keep an extra color and two more lipsticks.

Try selective make up shopping

You should buy only the make up you are certain you will use and need, because otherwise you will have spent your money for nothing else but crowding your drawer. Choose quality lipstick and mascara, even if the price may seem a bit high. Your satisfaction will increase due to the quality, which will be visible to people just by looking at your face.

Watch where you keep your make up products

Most of us keep make up in the bathroom, in front of the mirror or in a special created box. Keep in mind that cosmetic products need special environment. You must avoid depositing them in a humid place, as well as high temperature exposure, like the bathroom for example. The make up products need a dry place, where the temperature will not reach extreme levels.
We can obtain a perfect make up with the help of brushes, sponges or twisters, which are „must have" in any true make up kit. This way we can try to emphasize every inch of the face in a more pleasant manner.


No pair of eyes is perfect, but tricks and shades that can make them superb. Their nature will always be obvious with the help of make up, a careful applied one. Maybe you wondered why there are such a large number of eye brushes on the market.

There is a little secret. If you are looking to use an eye shadow on a certain line that you wish to be perfect, use the brush with oblique top. It is perfect to apply the color on the lower lid, when you do not want the shade to get lower from the base of the lid. A round top brush allows you to apply and fade a powder consistency eye shadow.

If you prefer creamy eye shadow, you must use a special sponge made of polystyrene or a soft material rubber-like. These are good for applying a liquid fluid for your eye bags, or for stumping the line applied with black or colored eyeliner.

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