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Using the lips you eat, you communicate, you express yourself, you kiss…, but more than all these practical attributions, the beautiful lips are the specific sign of the seductive woman. In the conditions in which you can charm a man only through their mimicry (movements), it surely deserves to look “by the book.”

Obtain smooth and velvet lips:

The first step in the process of the embellishment of your lips is their smoothening and their health. The lips do not have sebaceous glands, therefore, do not wave to lubricate treat them with a cream for sensible skin, like for the skin all around the eyes or with a hydrating balm. On a basis of cream, you can easy rub your lips with a soft toothbrush in order to eliminate the dead cells. The ideal mask for lips is a thin stratum of honey once a few days. Those days in which you do not use rouge, indifferent of season, apply a balm for lips with SPF, hydrating factors and vitamin A. The perfect lips are those that have long lasting color. Of course, you can pass quickly on the lips and you can tighten your lips for the homogenous aspect. This is the process the majority of women do and it is a mistake. The lips with perfect borders are quite rare. Therefore, to grant them 1-2 minutes, to redraw is not a very big effort.

For the perfect make-up of the lips, it needs:

  1. Cream of base for lips;
  2. Rouge (lipstick);
  3. Special brush;
  4. Pencil for the contour (outline);
  5. Canes with cotton for the eventual mistakes;
  6. Serviettes (napkins) of paper;
  7. Powder;
  8. Big brush


Firstly, if you have down on the superior lip dare to eliminate it with the hot or chill wax, electrical depilation, tweezers or discolor it if it is not too dense. Nothing is uglier than this “shadow” on the woman’s face!

For a perfect make-up

Begin through apply a cream of base on the lips.

Then apply a stock for complexion or an anti wrinkle for the unification of the lips color and for to make them plumper.

With the well-sharpened pencil, draw the contour of the lips beginning with the superior lip making a little V.

Then, draw the mouth’s contour, from the middle towards the exterior, letting the last ones for the mouth’s corners.

Take a serviette (of paper) and press it on the lips; do not tighten the lips.

Powder the mouth and pass with the brush in order to remove the surplus.

Load the brush for lips with lipstick. Always begin from the middle, loading the brush from time to time.

When the lips are colored, introduce a finger in the mouth, in the centre of the mouth, between the closed lips for blurring the lipstick. Use a paper serviette, but always without pressing the lips one to another one. Powder again and apply a second stratum of lipstick.

In order to seem bulkier, apply on the middle of the inferior lip one or two shades lighter than normal lipstick. A little anti wrinkle will make the lips more enchanting.

If the mouth is too big or too small, we remedy with the pencil.

Avoid, if you are more than 18 years, shades of pencil too different towards the lipstick. Reserve this kind of fantasy for the evening.

In the specialized centers, you can tattoo the lips contour. The contour resists approximate 2-3 months. However, it must be done by a skilful esthetician, if not get well informed before you will start this adventure.

The lips are composed of fragile mucous membranes and we must take much care. If they are fragile or dry, use special lipsticks and stick if it is necessary.

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