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There have been long discussions about important actions in maintaining your skin pure and clean, like morning and evening cleaning, with the help of a make up remover, to get the impurities out of your pores. Even if your budget is not big, and you still care about your skin to be healthy, you can find ways to improve and care for your skin. The recipes grandma used are still valid. They use natural ingredients, like flowers, hers, fruits, a bit of sour cream or yoghurt, which can perform wonders on the skin.

Make up Remover with Rye Flour

Ingredients: Two teaspoons of rye flour, two teaspoons of powder milk.

Preparation: mix the two products well, and put them into a large recipient that you could keep at hand in your bathroom.

Usage: every morning or evening, put a teaspoon of the mixture in a cup and add some water, until you obtain a homogeneous paste. Spread it on your face, neck, neck opening, and rub it good until the skin absorbs it. Rinse with cold water in abundance. The procedure is useful especially for dry tendency skin. From time to time, you can leave the composition to dry on your face and become like a face pack, removing it twenty minutes later, with a cotton disk. You should only use this particular mixture, only on clean skin.

Rose Essence Make Up Removing Cream

Ingredients: one tea spoon of starch, one of sunflower oil, a quarter of boiled and cooled water, one two drops of rose oil, all these are put in a boll on a water bath and keep mixing until a shiny cream is obtained.

Usage: you must spread it on your face and neck opening and the wipe it with a cotton disk, finally, rinse with cold water. Be careful to the mixture because it hardens very fast, if you intend to use it again, put the mixture in a covered boll. It is useful for all skin types

Lemon Oil Make-up Remover

Ingredients: 2 lemons, not treated chemically, one spoon of plant oil

Preparation: wash the lemons with hot water, rubbing them with a brush, the wipe them with a napkin. Peel them off, spread the peels on a paper tissue, and leave them to dry for a while. Mix them whit the preheated oil (without letting the mixture boil)

Usage: originated in UK, use this recipe once a week. You apply it on your clean skin, with circular gentle movements, to avoid irritations. The massage should last around five minutes. At the end, wash the face with clean hot water.

Fortunately, nature offers us many opportunities of using its wonderful products for the benefit of our health, therefore we have to do it and enjoy cosmetic products based on natural ingredients if you want to look like midsummer night’s dream fairies, which have never used for sure chemical products for their skin and maybe they did use makeup. They use dewdrops for the eyelashes, rose hue for the lips and cheeks and drops of blue sky for the eyelids.

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