Has it sometimes happened to you that your unforeseeable complexion brings you to exasperation? It is full of oil for some minutes, then immediately it becomes dry as if you were in the desert. Then you know that the process of makeup removal is the problem. Often, we invest a lot of money in innovator anti wrinkle products but when we are talking about products of makeup removal, we grant them a minor importance. Even if it is hard to believe, despite of the countless advertising, many women which are using make-up, are using for makeup removal just water and soap. The soap can therefore clean quite well the complexion, even too well, and therefore it is not a good option for the face. It could be an alternative for the body, but the face is much more delicate. While the skin has a natural layer of a little acid pH, which ensures the protector barrier, the soap has an alkaline pH, which will neutralize of the skin’s one. Which means that, after the washing, the skin will loose an important part of the oils that ensures its protection. The effects appear immediately: the skin begins to tighten, it becomes very dry, and it will become a complexion with problems. You need a protector layers and 20 minutes in order to have a nice face… To remove everything, you will need a makeup removal cream and four times less time. It is a pity for the make-up, but it is a benefit for the complexion.

Your choice

You remove makeup correctly and thus obtain a radiant complexion, or you get five minutes of sleep, and finally you wake up with a tern complexion… However, if you pass away the cleansing step you contribute at the premature age of the epidermis. Even if you use or not use make-up, this cleaning allow hastening sanguine circulation and the releasing of bacteria, of sebum secrets and of other impurities from the skin’s surface, in order to prepare better for the care during the night.

Steps to follow

The first step is the moisturizing the face and neck, after that you apply a pearl from the gelatin/ cream/ cleansing milk. You rub with the finger’s top or with a pad tampon, drawing circular moving from neck to forehead, and around the eyes. It follows the rinsing of face by five or six times, for you ensure that you have eliminated any residue. If you want to be careful, you will also use a tonic lotion, lotion that will eliminate the excess of makeup removal and it will velvet the skin, after that you will easily dab your face with a soft towel.

Look out at eyes!

The skin around the eyes is softer so the sebaceous glands do not exist here, but because the eyes area is a fragile one, it is necessary to use a special product in order to eliminate the mascara and the lipstick.

Cleansing by the book

Now you know how to purchase the cleansing product that matches you, because there is a texture for any kind of complexion. Generally, the cleansing milk and the cream are adequate to the dry and normal complexion, the soap-cream for the mixed and oily complexion, while the gelatins fit oily complexion. In addition, the practical cleansing napkins are perfect for the hurried women.

The next day

The fact that you are lying down on the bed as fresh as a rose does not mean that this comparison it will also be valid in the next morning. Between “Good night, dear!” and the cock’s song, the skin’s area accumulate sweat and sebaceous substance, and therefore, when you are jumping from the bed, you must be prepared for a new dose of makeup removal. A strong argument: nothing rises to the height of the cleansing process when you want to obtain a perfect make-up.

In addition, especially, nothing is more beautiful than a perfect neat skin!

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