Choosing Eye Shadows

Eyes are the gate of the soul, that is why they are very important for estheticians, in order to obtain a perfect makeup.

You can choose eye shadows to correct your eyes aspect, you can find different types of eye shadows, different hues, and you can combine them with eyeliners and mascara.

Almond eyes represent the ideal concerning eyes beauty and that is why their shape does not change when you apply makeup. In this case, the eye shadow must match the iris color.

In the case of round eyes, eye shadows cover only the upper lid, following the eye line up to the middle of the lid. Then you can trace a horizontal line, which exceeds the extern corner of the eyes. The borderline starts from the middle of the eyelid, then you must trace a horizontal line, leaving a gap up to the eyelashes edge, and you can apply China ink over this gap, like a shadow. Brush the eyelashes towards the exterior, and stress mascara from the most risen part of the eyelid to the extern corner of the eye, where you can insist in order to get to eyes extension.

If your eyes are prominent, you can use darker eye shadows all over the area, especially over the bumpy one. If the lower eyelid is prominent as well, you can make it up using the same dark eye shadow. In this situation, you can trace a line only over the extern angle of the eye. Mascara, preferably brown will cover the entire length of the eyelashes.

In the case of deep eyes, eye shadows will be lighter and you can apply it over the lower eyelid too. The eye shadow will be more visible towards the eyes extremity and it is subtler towards eyebrows. The contour line which starts from the inner corner of the eye will be thin at the beginning and it will become thicker and thicker while you get closer to the eyes extremity. Cover the gap between the eyelid edge and the contour line with light eye shadow or white China ink.

If your eyes are small, trace the contour line slightly ascendant towards the outer edge of the eye, at a distance of 1-2 mm from the eyelashes edge, exceeding the inner and outer angle of the eye. Apply mascara over the tips of the eyelashes, through straight, upwards movements.

If your eyes are descendant, attenuate the descendant line using eye shadow, which covers half of the eyelid as a horizontal line, which will exceed the outer corner. With the aid of the eyeliner, you can trace a horizontal line, which will also exceed the eye end. Shadow the gap between the edge of the eyelid and the contour traced using light eye shadow. You can gently apply mascara only over the tips of the eyelashes, at the outer corner of the eye. From the middle of the eyelashes till the outer corner you can apply much mascara providing them an ascendant curve.

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